Getting Ready to Retire

How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement?

This question can seem almost impossible to answer, more so if the idea of retiring seems way off in the distance. At Arlo we help furnish you with the knowledge to provide clarity and help you focus on some of the most pressing questions.

As an initial concept, consider what “retirement” means to you. Do you want to retire at a certain age? In a certain place? Is that location where you currently live? Do you have a burning desire to retire away from your current country of residence or that of your domicile? Are you actually working toward the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want? Do you have a “vision” for this stage in life, this can help you and your Arlo advisor set goals and figure out how to meet them.

How much do I/we really need?

This is one of the more simple questions to fathom. The answer is driven purely by the income you think you need to live throughout retirement. If this sounds difficult to imagine, start by estimating how much you spend each year now and what might change in terms of expenses later in life, children leaving the family home? Mortgage free?

Your Arlo advisor will help you:


  • Walk through how your expenses may change later in life
  • Identify and factor in outside sources of income, such as your state pension
  • Estimate for inflation in the location you intend to retire to

When do I want to stop working full-time?

Your intended retirement age determines how many “saving years” you have to formulate your plan around alongside how many years you’ll spend in retirement. The simple equation being: The younger you are when you retire, the more years you will need to provision for your income when you are no working full-time.

How we can help

Working alongside your Arlo advisor will help you better understand your current picture and how you can meet your future targets.

We know that the definition of retirement is changing – and you’re defining exactly what it means to you. Whatever your vision, your investment strategy will need to keep up. We can help you outline your goals and better understand your options to move from saving for retirement to helping to provide for your spending throughout retirement. Talk with your local Arlo Wealth financial advisor today about how you can be better prepared financially to make the transition.

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