How Much
Will Future Education Cost?

“How much will it cost to send my child(ren) to university?” Creating a realistic savings goal for this purpose is of paramount importance. And yet, your answer depends on many different things, including where your child goes to school and when.

This is where your Arlo advisor comes in, and can help walk you through the things you can do today to prepare, way before you start the visit and application process.

The cost of attendance

Costs of higher education vary fairly dramatically based on the institution and the location, the below chart provides a starting point on how much this level of education may cost.

The potential costs can sometimes appear overwhelming, however don’t be disheartened. Regardless of how old your child is, we will work alongside you to develop a plan of action that can help make your goal a reality.

How we can help

Your Arlo advisor will look at your entire financial picture, including what other goals you are saving for (like retirement), so your education savings strategy makes sense for your family. Contact your Arlo advisor today.