Investment Management

How we build your portfolio together

Understanding your goals is of paramount importance to us. Your comfortability with risk and the length of time you have to reach your targets provide us with the parameters within which we will work. From a discussion in our initial meeting process, we then work alongside you to select the portfolio objective that’s right for your situation. Using this as a framework, you’ll then work closely with us to build your portfolio to ensure that the risk/reward balance is correctly positioned to achieve those goals and objectives.

Extensive fund choices

We provide you with the ability to choose from an extensive list of approved investments, more than sufficient to provide diversification within your portfolio.

Staying on track

In addition to monitoring by you and your financial advisor, we have the option of our ‘Guard-Rail Service’ Advanced technology working behind the scenes to automatically rebalance your portfolio as market moves dictate. You can also make changes any time you like and request to rebalance as often as monthly. With our ongoing support you should expect to adjust your portfolio periodically to adapt to your evolving investment needs and stay on target to achieve your goals

How you’ll pay for services

Depending upon the service level your advice requires you will be charged an initial fee agreed between yourself and your advisor. This fee can either be paid directly to the company from yourself or you have the choice of remuneration via commission, both options available to you are provided with a clear and concise terms of business alongside full transparency as to what we are paid. The initial payment includes your financial advisor’s services in setting up your structure. Moving forward, for the provision of performance reporting, evaluation and selection of investments you will be charged on an annual basis at an agreed percentage of the assets under our advice.

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